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Kemer Boat Tour
Destination: Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

One the most exciting tours among the nature loving people. Relaxing and easy going tour to the picturesque western coast of Antalya. One who prefers to relax while gazing the beautiful bays and forest over towering mountains should not miss this splendid full day yacht tour. Lunch and swimming break available during the tour.

Green Canyon
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Spend your holidays to Turkey and experience a relaxing vacation with the people you love the most. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy traveling in the different beautiful holiday destinations that this place has to offer. One of the best places that one should visit here is Antalya. The stunning scenery you will witness here will definitely give you utmost relaxation and comfort. Make sure to go to the beautiful beaches in this city.

If its too hot on beaches and you need a rest, this tour is right choise. Its absolutely amazing to jump on to a boat trip and stop several times for swimming in cool water on the lake leading in to the canyons of the Taurus mountain. You can see the 2nd largest dam in Turkey as well during the tour. The Green canyon will take you to an another dimension with its amazing views.

Destination: Turkey / Antalya

A most beautiful places of mediterrainen region, a national park and wild nature...Daily 1000 persons, annual 250.000 domestic and foreign rafting makers,14 KM lenght rafting track throughout canyon river... Daily pick up service with air-conditioned coaches from Kemer,Alanya,Side,Manavgat,Antalya,Belek and other holiday places..Meeting point for thousands domestic and foreign outdoor sport joiners... Professianal guide and equipments....Delicious lunch in middle of amazing canyon and river views.. One day escaping from unbelievably mediterranean hot weather and get cool,exciting and amusing day...

Antalya City Tour
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Characteristic geography of the region provides exciting scenery of several falls in Antalya while the refreshing waters from the highlands falls over the cliffs of 15 of up to 33 meters. You have opportunity of to make shopping in Antalya and in Shopping places.

Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) is near Denizli, a beautiful and spectacular natural site, unique in the world. Thermal spring waters have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers. Situated on the plateau, are both the thermal center with its thermal pools and ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis. Monument on this side includes the ancient thermal baths, which have been restored and converted into an archaeological museum. During the tour you are going to visit a village mosque, carpet workshops, Hierapolis, ancient thermal pool.

Destination: Turkey / Antalya / Alanya

Our diving tour exist everyday between 15.April – 1.November in Alanya-Side region.
Diving boat departs from Alanya yatch harbour. Our diving districts are characterised by outstanding visibilities, bizarre underwater landscapes and large fish wealth. Beyond that offer steep walls, grotten and caves of everything which a diver heart more highly strike let leave Alanya out exist the possibility a wreck to be diving. Partners of customer those do not dip, can nevertheless in the common boat travels to the diving districts participate and snorkels and sun-bath.

Fire of Anatolia
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

A feverish work carried on under the shadow of lost myth, a history and musical revolt against a connivance history. Duration 2 hours and hotel pick-up 17:00-18:00

850 live performances in 32 countries, viewed by over 6 million people…
“Its a very impressive, splendid great show” Rod Steward
“Its a well planned wonderfull show, exactly a meeting of east&west” Gerhard Schroder
“Its great and very splendid show. I’m deeply impressed” Britney Spears

Troya Dance Show
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Fire of Anatolia dance group is giving life to myth of Troy. We are welcoming this immortal composition of history of art after three thousand years in its motherland. A feverish work carried on under the shadow of lost myth, a history and musical revolt against a connivance history. Duration 2 hours and hotel pick-up 17:00-18:00

850 live performances in 32 countries, viewed by over 6 million people…
“Its a very impressive, splendid great show” Rod Steward
“Its a well planned wonderfull show, exactly a meeting of east&west” Gerhard Schroder
“Its great and very splendid show. I’m deeply impressed” Britney Spears

Alanya Boat Tour
Destination: Turkey / Antalya / Alanya

This is a day of relaxation and swimming. Enjoy the turquoise coloured waters under the shining sun. There are many swimming stops and caves to enjoy. The blue and turquoise clear waters are a perfect backdrop to the glistening sun. This is a tour of Alanya's many beautiful swimming stops and caves. Relax over animations and a BBQ on a boat. There might even be dolphins, if you are lucky!

Alanya City Tour
Destination: Turkey / Antalya / Alanya

During this full-day trip to Alanya, which was named as Korakesion during ancient times, we’ll be able to see its characteristics and to understand its historical background. Alanya will be the first destination of our trip. When we arrive Alanya, the old curving main road of the city will make us reach to the 300 m height castle after passing by the old houses and flowery gardens. The well-protected cisterns and depots of the castle are the symbols of this city. And it should be added that the view from the castle is magnificent. After seeing the castle in detail, we’ll reach the small port, passing by the red tower. We’ll take our seats in the boat, after we take a tour around the peninsula, we’ll explore the caves of lovers, pirates and phosphorus. In the afternoon we’ll see the drop-stone cave, named as Dim - Cave. It’s known that the cave with drop-stone is good for asthma patients with its high humidity level and low level of radon. And of course we’ll have sufficient time to explore and see any other part of the city.

Quad Safari
Destination: Turkey / Antalya / Kemer

Would you like to have a day full of nature, view, fresh air, adrenalin, exciting adventure?
ATV ( Quad ) safari is an exciting adventure sport which is operated with 4 wheels motor-bikes. You ride Quad (ATV) motors through excellent nature , pine forests, muddy streams through the Taurus mountain and have an unforgettible exciting, enjoyful adventure rememberance.
You don’t need to know driving or have a driving licence for Quad safari… Everyone can join to our safari tours and ride Quad motors. After a brief information and practising, you are being accustomed to ride it. Our tour takes around 3 hours.

Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Lycian tombs at Myra, the Church of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), Simena, boat ride to Kekova Island for pristine sites and underwater ruins. You may wish to bring your bathing suit for swimming and snorkeling.

Aspendos-Perge-Kurşunlu Waterfalls
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Depart in the morning and visit Perge, the place where most of the statues that are on display in Antalya Museum were unearthed. An important city of ancient Parnphylia, originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 BC. St. Paul visited Perge on his first missionary journey. The theater stage has finely carved marble reliefs, and other carvings from around the city are displayed in the stadium. Amateur archaeologists will want to see the handsome city gate flanked by two lofty towers, a long colonnaded road once paved with mosaics and lined with shops, a large agora, the public baths and a gymnasium. Then proceed to Aspendos, which bears one of the best preserved Roman theaters in Anatolia. After lunch by the river, visit Manavgat Waterfalls before continuing to Kursunlu Waterfalls.

Turkish Bath- Hamam Tours
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

Turkish bath & Hamam is a 1000 years old Turkish original tradition!
One of the first things to do when arrive in Turkey is to go to a Turkish bath. It will clean you really well and you will be ready
to get better sunburns.

Fun Climbing Park
Destination: Turkey / Antalya

THE GERMAN safety standards authority CHECKED TÜV climbing
park offers you the possibility her environment and to consider itself
sometimes from another point of view. Fancy, you climb over a climbing net
and a free-floating suspension bridge, and the whole by a height between
1.5 and 25 metres. Moreover, there is since short as the last
highlight 140 and a 90-metre-long cable railway over the lake - only fly is nicer!

Paintball - Antalya
Paintball Team Games:Paintball,being the most popular of strategy and war games,you have an excellent
opportunity to play paintball with your friends and to merge with nature meanwhile.There are places to set to
play the game in ANTALYA.

Aquarium - Antalya
The world`s biggest tunnel aquarium !
Antalya Aquarium tells stories from all over the world. You can discover the magic of the
underwater world; you can make snowballs from real snow in Snow World or you can swim with
sharks and rays that do not pose any danger to people.

As the one of the world’s biggest aquariums, Antalya Aquarium features inspiration,
entertainment and education together. Through a path of more than fourty exhibits followed by the
world’s biggest underwater tunnel aquarium with 131 meters lenght and 3 meters widht!

Tahtali Mountain Trip with Cable Car
Ascend the highest mountain on the Turkish Riviera by cable car and marvel at the views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks and the Mediterranean Sea, from a height of 2,365 meters. Take a walk through the pine forest at the top of Tahtali Mountain.

Ascend Tahtali Mountain by cable car
Take in the views of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea from the summit
Enjoy a walk along steep rocky slopes and through pine forest.

Kemer, Göynuk, Camyuva, Kiris, Beldibi, Tekirova;
First pick up starts at 10:00 and the last pick up at 11:15
time for departure of Cable car 11:45 - 12:00
return from the peak is 13:30
transfer time back to the hotels is 13:45

Antalya (Kundu, Lara and Antalya city centrum) ;
First pick up starts at 08:15 from Kundu and the last pick up at 10:00
time for departure of Cable car 11:45 - 12:00
return from the peak is 13:30
transfer time back to the hotels is 13:45

1001 Turkish Night Show
This night excursion will take you to times of Turkish Sultans and their elegant dancers. Do you want to feel yourself like a Sultan? That time this tour is for you.

In one of warm Antalya evenings you will get to epoch of Ottoman empire, where you will be offered a national Turkish cuisine accompaniment by dance show program, which you can take part in.

Turkish Night Dinner Show in Antalya Belly Dancer - Body Show - Folk Groups of Anatolia

Combi Jeep Safari Tour --ALANYA--
Escape to the Taurus mountains and experience authentic Turkish village life. Get your adrenaline going while careering off-road on fun dirt tracks, enjoy a delicious lunch at Dimcay River, and enjoy the day with your friendly guides.


An exhilirating off-road adventure through beautiful countryside
Meet friendly locals in rural Turkey
Visit a traditional house and village mosque
Tour the Taurus Mountains by 4x4 Jeep
Pick-up and drop-off from/to your hotel
Led by a friendly guide
a day of full of fun away from crowds

Night Safari --ALANYA--
The Night Jeep Safari, which offers an unbelievable opportunity to our guests wishing to experience the adrenaline and the adventure during the night at the outskirts of the Toros Mountains in Alanya, starts with the Alanya castle. Dinner is eaten in the company of the gorgeous panoramic view of the castle and photos taken. Passing through the orange gardens, the adventure starts in the specially enlightened safe track on the outskirts of Toros. We have a break in the traditional Yoruk tent to rest for a while, learn about Yoruks and their life styles and observe their festivities. The rest of the track is completed on jeeps, and we return to the hotels with great memories.

*Guests taken from their hotels by jeeps
*Arrival at Alanya castle passing through inner city Alanya
*Dinner at Alanya castle and photo break
*Arrival at the special track for Night Jeep Safari and the start of the adventure
*Break at Yoruk tent
*Re-start of the adventure on the rest of the track
*Guests brought to their hotels by jeeps

Dolphin Show
Don't miss the wonderful show program of amazing sea mammals: bottle nose dolphins, fur seals and South American sea lions. You'll be deeply impressed by their capabilities. No doubt, You'll have a great time at Dolphinarium.
After the show You'll have the opportunity to take a picture with a dolphin or sea lions (extra charge).

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